Sierra Vista Dentist Pays For Bisbee AZ Residents Gas

Bisbee AZ Dentist Smile-A-Mile

Bisbee AZ Dentist Smile-A-Mile

Bisbee AZ Dental Care by Sierra Vista Dentist Smile-A-Mile Gas Reimbursements

At Cochise Caring Dentistry in Sierra Vista, AZ. We are happy to Introduce our “Smile-A-Mile Program”, a program that reimburses Bisbee Arizona Residents $5.00 for round trip visit to our Sierra Vista AZ. dentist office.

Our dental office has been in the Sierra Vista, AZ. 85635 location for over 30 years, and many staff members have treated and cared for many of our Bisbee, AZ. patient’s family and friends.  Our Bisbee patients drive here because they have comfort in knowing they are getting the same affordable quality dental care as many of their family and friends have in the this location.   Our office was once that of Dr. Gray’s, who had provided dental care for two or more generations of Bisbee residents for almost 30 years.

Bisbee, AZ.  Smile-A-Mile Gas Reimbursements

We calculated the mileage from the Bisbee city hall to our Sierra Vista, AZ Dentist Office.  To determine the average miles per gallon of a vehicle and price per gallon of gas, we searched online for the top rated authorities  and used the average cost of per gallon of gas throughout Cochise County Arizona.

The Smile-A-Mile Program for Bisbee, AZ. reimburses gas per patient to support car pooling. If there are 2 patients in one visit, it is two times the $5.00 gas reimbursement.  All the Bisbee, AZ. patient needs to do is bring in an electricity, phone or water bill to show their proof of residence.  Bisbee residents are reimbursed for each visit and it is applied to the individual treatment.  Read more about the “Smile-A-Mile” program here at Bisbee AZ Dentist Smile-A-Mile and contact us to schedule your dental care needs.

About Cochise Caring Dentistry Dentist, Dr. Steve Wolfington: Dr. Wolfinton is an active member of several Professional Dental Health Organizations, such as the Southern Arizona Dental Association, the Academy of General Dentistry and the American Dental Association.


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