Tombstone AZ. RT Gas Reimbursed By Sierra Vista Dentist

Tombstone AZ Dentist

Tombstone AZ Dentist

Cochise County AZ. Smile-A-Mile Pays Gas From Tombstone to Sierra Vista Dentist

Cochise Caring Dentistry of Sierra Vista AZ. now offers our Tombstone AZ. Patients a program that reimburses them $4.00 per visit to our office here in Sierra Vista.   With the high cost of gas staying with us, and probably through the next election, we wanted to do something to help off-set this, so we created our “Smile-A-Mile Program”.   Smile-A-Mile, reimburses Tombstone Arizona Residents for their round trip visit to our Sierra Vista AZ. dentist office.

Many Cochise County residents, like the great people of Tombstone, have been driving to the Cochise Caring Dentistry Sierra Vista location, (formerly the Sierra Vista Dentist office of Dr Gray) for over 30 years.   Our Tombstone AZ patients drive here because so many of their family and friends have been coming to this location for so long.  At Cochise Caring Dentistry, the level of quality affordable dental care and the genuine comfort our staff provides our patients is what we’re known for, and our Smile-A-Mile program is our way of helping our patients.

Tombstone, AZ. Residents Get Something To Smile About

The May 2012, information from industry knowledgeable resources was used to get the average miles per gallon (MPG), of a family vehicle, and the average cost of per gallon of gas throughout Cochise County Arizona.   We calculated the mileage from the Tombstone AZ Town Hall to our Sierra Vista AZ Dentist Office and used this for our “Smile-A-Mile” Program.

The Cochise Caring Dentistry Smile-A-Mile Program reimburses Tombstone residents for their gas, and it is reimbursed per patient to support car pooling. If there is one patient or 4 patients in a visit, it is a $4.00 gas reimbursement for each patient and credited to their individual account.  Read more about our Cochise Caring Dentistry “Smile-A-Mile” program here at our Tombstone AZ Dentist page and call or contact us on our website to schedule your family dentistry needs.

About Cochise Caring Dentistry Dentist, Dr. Steve Wolfington: Dr. Wolfington is a native Arizonan, who grew up in Mesa, AZ. He received his DMD degree from the University of Nevada Las Vegas School of Dental Medicine after earning his bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University.  As a firm believer in giving back to the community, Dr. Wolfington continues to develop programs like Smile-A-Mile to help the outlying residents of Cochise County AZ to maintain their level of comfort and quality dental health.


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